Certified excellence in tank trailer repair

In the chemical sector, a fully functioning tank trailer can mean the difference between a successful project and a significant safety risk. It takes dedicated, diligent expertise to properly repair and maintain industrial tanks. Southern Tank Leasing is your trusted source for repair and maintenance, no matter your equipment’s make, model or repair needs.

Southern Tank Leasing is home to more than 40 highly skilled technicians and welders ready to get your equipment in top working order. Our certifications and inspections reflect our commitment to safety, quality and specialized tank trailer expertise.

Our American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Certification shows our customers that we meet the ASME’s rigorous standards for safety and quality assurance.

All our tank trailers are DOT registered and inspected, which ensures all parts and accessories are in safe, working order.

Southern Tank Leasing is also a Brenner Authorized Repair Shop, a distinction that showcases our specialized expertise in servicing this manufacturer’s tanks.