Communication Solutions

Communication Solutions

Critical communication services and equipment.

Sprint Safety offers the cutting edge in “turnkey” project communications; with solutions that will standardize a project’s communication effort while offering increased efficiency and safety consideration. Our radio solutions provide the latest in digital communications equipment from industry leaders like Motorola, Kenwood, ICOM, Harris and others. Through the additional technology of System Performance Monitoring, Real-Time tracking/GPS, Safety and Operational Redundancies, we put the control of information and the project’s communications back in the customer’s hands.

Emergency Response Communications

Calamities result in unexpected and devastating consequences. Loss of electrical services cell phone capacity is overwhelmed limited or no coordinated communications between emergency managers existing radio antennas and towers damaged Police, FEMA, fire depts, EMS units, & local/state/federal personnel make up the list of responders Restoring immediate communications is vital to preservation of life, property, & security. Sprint Safety is the answer.

  • Rapid Deployment of complete, self-supporting, on-site trunking radio system. Can be live in 24 hrs.
  • VOICE-DATA-VIDEO capabilities backed up via satellite.
  • Comprehensive supply of 5000 portables ensure critical communications fulfillment.
  • Global monitoring & communicating from anyplace with internet access.

On-Site Management

Sprint Safety provides (when requested) a qualified field representative on-site to ensure quality service, includes all initial on-site issuance and management of the equipment. Remote tracking and reporting of equipment issuance and use is included. Any equipment transportation or shipping costs. We take a pro-active approach to handling detailed vendor/customer setup for all contractors on-site. Our on-site management helps deploy and track all equipment out in the field, in turn reduces loss/damage cost to the customer. *This also includes around-the-clock technical support.

On-Site, Full Service Radio Shop and Inventory

Sprint Safety maintains a Full Service Radio Shop and Inventory on-site that is fully stocked to reduce lead times and keep jobs efficient during ramp ups. We provide rapid pick-up or delivery of needed equipment. We also keep batteries, speaker mics, belt clips and antennas on hand to complete quick swaps for any defective/broken equipment. Our primary goal is to keep the safety solutions we provide available at all times with minimum downtimes for our customers.​

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