Triplex Breathing Air System

Triplex Breathing Air System

More effective, efficient, and safer solution than traditional systems.

The Triplex Breathing Air System is an exclusive service offered by Sprint Safety. The Triplex system provides our clients with a high volume breathing air solution that is more effective, efficient, and safer than traditional systems. Sprint Safety’s Triplex System offers unique advantages that are unparalleled in safety and effectiveness, even by other bulk manifold systems. Use of our Triplex system, not only provides a superior respiratory environment for workers, but also reduces man-hours, eliminates downtime, and shortens project durations; all of which amounts to significant savings for our clients.

Individual Cascade System: Single Unit

Individual cascade systems need several racks of small air tanks to supply breathing air to the workers’ manifold and additional workforce to regularly exchange full and empty tanks of air throughout the plant. Individual systems usually require one worker to monitor the air supply (the “Bottle Watch”) and a second worker to directly monitor the crew in the hazardous area (the “Hole Watch”). The use of this system, especially for work areas above the ground level may result in a complex tangling of dangerously exposed hoses, which creates a significant safety concern.

Sprint Safety Triplex System: Single Unit

With Sprint Safety’s Triplex System, less workers and less bulky equipment are necessary to service each crew. A single worker can serve the entire crew as Hole and Bottle watch simultaneously. No workforce required for the exchange of racks of small tanks here. The tube trailer positioned outside of the primary work area supplies directly to manifolds placed right next to the workers. One look at Sprint Safety’s Triplex System, and you will be immediately impressed by the greatly reduced workforce, and by our clean high-pressure lines, that virtually eliminate entanglement.

Individual Cascade System: Plant-wide Multiple Unit

Between the racks of air tanks and the machines to move them, individual cascade systems require a large volume of equipment. The use of multiple systems in limited space results in significant congestion in the work area, which adds to the difficulty of the job and compounds safety concerns. Furthermore, any complication in effectively coordinating space or tank-replacement timing can result in down time and delays.

Sprint Safety Triplex System: Plant-wide Multiple Unit

With Sprint Safety’s Triplex System the entire plant is clear of tanks and equipment so operations are free to proceed smoothly, safely and with greater efficiency. With fewer workers per crew, your total workforce and man-hours are significantly reduced. Additionally, the Triplex system virtually eliminates the costly downtime and delays that would otherwise be expected. The Triplex system can save you money.

Competing System

Many competitors’ bulk air offerings use a simple single airline to supply all manifolds. With this unidirectional airflow, manifolds that are farthest from the source often suffer from depleted air pressure. Competing systems may fail to accommodate your needs and will result in costly delays and downtime. Additionally, with the single-line air system, one accidental break or pinch to any line will result in failure to supply all manifolds beyond the break. This is a serious safety concern that increases the threat of injury to your workers and down time. Repairing the problem requires a full evacuation and shut down of the entire system. The downtime involved combined with the wasted air will add a substantial, unforeseen, and unnecessary expense for your project.

Sprint Safety Triplex System

Sprint Safety‘s Triplex System uses three high-pressure supply lines, instead of one, producing multi-directional airflow. Our unique approach relies on empirical considerations, which often identify the manifold(s) with the highest consumption of air. Whether it’s the first, the last, or anywhere in between, every manifold in the Triplex System has balanced and ample air pressure even those with the highest consumption. Sprint’s safety experts go one step further to enhance safety and reliability by installing three valves at each manifold location. One valve for each discrete manifold supply, and from it additional valves for both high-pressure supply lines. With the Triplex System’s unique multi-directional design, every manifold remains more than sufficiently supplied even in the event of an accidental break or pinch in the system; no one is cut off. A damaged section can be closed off at the two nearest manifolds, and work continues uninterrupted while the damaged section is replaced. Likewise, in Sprint Safety’s Triplex System, adding extra manifolds mid-project, if needed, is simple. Other systems would require the costly shutting down and bleeding out of the entire system in order to install one extra manifold location.