AreaRae Wireless RF Units

Area RAE Wireless RF Units

Monitor life critical information in real-time.

Sprint Safety offers the RAE Systems’ AreaRae monitor; a one-to-five sensor wireless gas detector that includes a photo ionization detector (PID) for measurement of VOCs, as well as LEL, O2, and up to two electrochemical toxic sensors. Our wireless AreaRae platform solution provides confined space and perimeter monitoring so that life-critical information is available in real-time and simultaneously from all locations. Sprint Safety staff can assist in identifying potentially dangerous locations, then by installing wireless units in and around hazardous areas and monitoring them remotely from a base station, you can be sure of the safety condition before any personnel or machinery enters the area. We also offer AreaRae units with added features specific to inert air monitoring in oxygen deficient atmospheres such as during: catalyst removal or change outs, pipeline nitrogen purges, vessel nitrogen purges, working in IDLH atmospheres and in welding applications.