Turn Around Management

Turnaround Management

Identifying your requirements and providing customized solutions.

Sprint Safety teams with its industrial partners for safe, timely and cost efficient completion of turnaround projects. Before a turnaround project even begins, Sprint Safety’s dedicated project management establishes timing and critical dates. We provide recommendations based on each client’s needs and identify the equipment necessary for the job.

Our qualified staff is involved in the setup, scaled per the job scope, and always given site-specific training in order to understand the customer’s needs and requirements. Sprint Safety offers two work facility options, our standard 53-foot turnaround trailers or our BRB’s (blast resistant buildings) when required for working in close proximity to blast zones. Prior to the arrival on site, Sprint Safety inspects its turnaround trailer or BRB including electricity, plumbing, washer/dryer, hot water heater, and air conditioning.

We also perform manufacturer recommended testing and calibration on all equipment. Our equipment inventory is transferred to our off-site turnaround system via our Intelli-Trak software for which each piece is bar-coded providing tracking, identification, accountability, and customized reporting. Sprint Safety’s fully equipped turnaround trailer is delivered to the client-determined position; set up; electricity and water are hooked up; and is ready for equipment issuance all in advance of the turnaround startup.

To provide breathing air for workers, Sprint Safety supplies its Triplex Bulk Breathing Air System, which is installed by first identifying the necessary locations then installing airlines; manifolds with both regulators and alarms; and isolation valves. Breathing air cascades are setup and tied in. Every air line is secured and inspected. Breathing air needs are determined based on manpower. We manage pressure on bulk air systems to ensure no downtime in operation. Also, on-site breathing air analysis (Lab on Locale) is used as an additional quality assurance and safety measure. Sprint Safety establishes a user list with our client and assigns each worker an identification badge. After that, our inventory management system (Intelli-Trak) is brought online. Separate accounts can be established for owners and contractors depending on client requirements. The bar code on each piece of equipment allows the date, time, and personnel to be identified at checkout and return. During the turnaround process, we provide around-the-clock on-site services staggering our staff’s shift changes from our client’s operations shift changes in order to ensure uninterrupted workflow.

Communication is emphasized throughout the entire turnaround project. We have daily project status meetings with our client and contractors. Each day we provide a daily report of equipment on rent, which is designed to help prevent and reduce past due rentals and lost equipment. We also provide billing reports to summarize the cost to date. Customized reporting and billing is available based on client needs. When the turnaround is complete a final inventory of all returned equipment is taken. All lost or damaged equipment is quickly identified and lists are issued to the responsible parties. Finally, before our trailer is removed, the site is cleaned to ensure that the vacated area is pristine and ready for the next job.