Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance

Providing environmentally compliant solutions to our customers is a top priority at Tidal Tank.

As Tidal Tank continues to see growth and success in all of our markets, like all companies we are also continuing to see our cost to do business increase as well. One of these areas specifically is with our commitment to being at the forefront of Environmental Compliance.

In an effort to cover the cost that Tidal Tank incurs by maintaining such high Environmental Standards we will begin charging an Environmental Service Charge of 3.25% per invoice we bill (applied to all rental and transportation charges). This service charge will have a maximum of $99 per invoice. This is being implemented as a pass thru cost for us to maintain the level of Environmental Compliance both our internal and external customers have come to expect from Tidal Tank.

Effective for November 2018 Invoices and Statements you will see the definition below included for communication purposes regarding the Environmental Service Charge that went into effect 1/1/2019.

ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICE CHARGE: Tidal Tank has policies and procedures in place to comply with applicable federal and state environmental laws as part of our commitment to contribute to a sustainable environment. In support of these efforts we may assess an environmental service charge (“ESC”) to be included with our invoice to cover related expenses. Expenses include readily biodegradable hydraulic oil, cleaning, repairing, fuel storage, emission control technology, regulatory fees and maintaining equipment which includes water testing to ensure structural integrity preventing leakage and the handling and disposal of waste oil and other fluids used in connection with the operation and/or cleaning of our Equipment.


Question: Is the ESC applied to all Delivery Charges as well?
Answer: Yes, the ESC is applied to all forms of transportation. This includes deliveries, pickups, short hauls and long hauls.

Question: Is the ESC applied even if I just rent from Tidal Tank where no washout is required?
Answer: Yes, the ESC is applied to all forms of rental because Tidal Tank incurs cost daily to prep equipment to be rent ready so our customers don’t have to worry about items likes leakage which can create environmental compliance issues.

Question: Does the ESC have a cap to protect me in the event I have an invoice that is over $3000?
Answer: Yes, Tidal Tank applies a $99 maximum charge per invoice in an effort to help our customers control their costs while still allowing us to offset our cost of providing Environmentally Compliant Solutions to our customers.