Frac Tank

Frac Tank

Smooth-wall, 180° round-bottom Frac Tank

Frac Tanks were originally designed to hold high volumes of water as well as diesel, sand, and other materials used during the well fracturing process. It often takes a series of these large tanks to supply the hundreds or thousands of gallons of water typically necessary for a fracturing job.

From unprocessed hydrocarbon material to spent chemical cleaning solutions, effluent hydrocarbon sludge and more, with 21,000 gallons of storage capacity our Frac Tanks store large quantities of a variety of fluids throughout the industrial environment.

As innovators of the industry, Tidal Tank led the way as the first company to offer a smooth-wall, 180° round-bottom Frac Tank with standard fifth wheel, king-pin mobility. By eliminating the bottom seams, corners, and crevices in which material can accumulate, our original round-bottom design makes cleaning our tanks easier and more effective. Whether at the waste disposal facility or simply between uses of the tank, rigorous cleaning is required to protect it from residue and the cross-contamination of dangerous materials. Unlike our competitors, most of our Frac Tank fleet feature the superior smooth-wall, 180° round-bottom design, giving Tidal Tank the most modern fleet in the industry and making us the most reliable source for advanced equipment rentals.

With our round bottom design, Tidal Tank’s Frac Tanks can usually be thoroughly cleaned from the outside through our 21 inch manways located on the front of our tanks and from the 36 inch manways located on the tops. As a result, our Frac Tanks often save our clients the costly time, permits, manpower, and equipment associated with confined space entry procedures, which are necessary to clean less modern tanks. Featuring front and rear sumps, our unique design assists in rapidly and completely evacuating the tank’s contents. This means faster results with less wasted material during the fracturing process. The advantages of Tidal Tank’s advanced Frac Tank design reach beyond fracturing to many industrial applications, where entering the tank to clean it is undesirable.

21,000 Gallon, Smooth Wall, Liquid Storage Tank

  • Dimensions: Overall: 47′ long, 8′-5″ wide, 11′ high; 500 barrel capacity
  • Pick Up: Standard 5th wheel king pin
  • Drain/Fill: 4″ sump mounted drain at floor of each end, 3″ fill pipe on roof , (2) 4″ Butterfly Valves on front, 8″ flanged front manifold connection with inside flange, 4″ connection on roof
  • Manways: 21″ manways on front and side with 36″ manway on roof
  • Accessories: Pressure/Vacuum relief vent, ball float level gauge
  • Floor: 1/4 plate, 180° bottom with integral formed side channels
  • Floor Support: 10″ channel longitudinal runners with 8″ channel and formed 1/4 plate channel crossmembers
  • Walls: 1/4 plate solid welded, smooth inside, with formed channel supports outside
  • Roof: 2 – step design, 1/4 plate solid welded with channel supports outside
  • Front/Rear: 1/4 plate solid welded, smooth inside, with formed channel supports outside
  • Welds: All welds continuous (watertight) except substructure crossmembers
  • Axle: 25,000 lb axle with air brakes, 11.00 x 22.5 bias tires on steel disc wheels
  • Hydrotesting: Full capacity static test, filled through 3″ top fill pipe