Mix Tanks

Mix Tanks

Simple and more effective tank cleaning

Our Mix Tanks feature four internal mixers, 21,000 gallons of liquid storage capacity, safety walkways, and explosion proof electrical boxes. Additionally, our Mix Tanks were engineered with smooth-wall and 180° round-bottom interiors. Similar to our Frac Tank, this seamlessly welded and rounded design eliminates the corners and crevices that can accumulate build-up and impede wash out. Our design allows for simpler and more effective tank cleaning that reduces the threat of cross contamination between uses and virtually eliminates the need for costly confined space entry procedures when cleaning the tank. Tidal Tank’s Mix Tanks are well suited for mixing chemical solutions onsite such as chemical cleaning agents for tank cleaning. Mix Tanks are suited for storing liquid solutions that require constant or periodic agitation in order to keep the solution thoroughly mixed and to ensure consistent chemical strength and product ratios.

21,000 Gallon Mix Tank Specifications

Mix Tank Specifications Mixer: (4) 10 HP mixer with gearbox, electric motor, 40″ dia bottom impeller, 20″ mid lever impeller, 4 blades per impeller controls: Front mounted service disconnect for power connection, top mounted motor control center for each motor with power light, motor run light, starts, stop, each motor equipped with circuit breaker and overload heater protection.

  • Dimensions: Overall: 46′ Long, 8′ 6″ wide, 11″ high, 500bbl capacity
  • Pick Up: Standard 5th wheel king pin
  • Electrical: 440v, 3 phase, 80amp
  • Relief Valve: Flange mount blaylock ll10 p/v vent 16oz pressure
  • Roof: 4″ Flange with blind cap and chain mounted on top
  • Front: Sump mounted 4″ flanged drain valve, bull plug, chain
  • Rear: 4″ Flange valve, threaded flange, plug, chain remote operation handle
  • Manways: (2) 38″ Manways, (2) 21 1/2 id, domed lid
  • Hand Rails: Access stairs, safety walk way on roof, folding hand rails
  • Wheels: 11.00 X 22.5 Tubless tire on 10 hole steel wheel
  • Structure: 25k axle, automatic slack adjusters, top mounted, 30 service chambers, on board drums, hutch 9700 suspension, 3 leaf high arch springs
  • Lights: DOT tail lights and lower marker lights, no top lights
  • Grating: Covers top of mixed tank